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Summer is on its way and that means Christmas, New Year’s celebrations, and lots of time spent with family and friends. It also brings long, humid nights and sweltering days. This might make it difficult for many of us to maintain our home’s temperature to stay comfortable.

Heat pumps, like cars, require regular maintenance. After the hard work of heating your house during the milder winter months, your heat pump unit, like any equipment, may require some attention before the new season truly heats up. It’s easy to overlook this, but following procedures will guarantee that your heat pump continues to perform at its peak.

Clean Your Filters Regularly

Purifying your heat pump’s filters can guarantee that your interior unit operates at peak efficiency while filtering and cleaning the air you breathe. Although our service covers this step, cleaning the filters is a simple activity that does not need the services of a specialist. Simply remove the filters from the front of the machine and clean them.

Ensure Your Outside Heat Pump Is Clear Of Weeds

Weeds may sprout up at an astonishing rate throughout the spring months, especially with the very rainy few weeks of the season shift we’ve experienced. To ensure the best operation, keep your outside unit free of weeds and debris, and keep the operating area clear and clean.

Heat Pump Servicing

Regular repair and maintenance of your heat pump ensure that it functions to its best capacity and provides the most advantages to your house. Servicing ensures that problems are identified early on and that any components or features are updated in a timely manner to minimise product deterioration.

FAS Energy

The FAS Energy team specialises in heat pumps and is well-versed in all brands of residential and commercial heat pumps. Our heat pump servicing is a low-cost service that will undoubtedly save you money in the long term. We clean the filters and do a general inspection of the interior unit to verify that everything is in working condition. We guarantee that there is adequate refrigerant and that the connections to the indoor and outdoor units are free of electrical damage. Contact us today if you’re in need of a heat pump service to ensure you’re ready for summer!