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Multi Room Heat Pumps

Heat or cool multiple rooms with just one OmniCore outdoor unit!

Why Choose a Multi-Room System

  • Whisper quiet heating and cooling
  • Style for each and every room
  • Individual temperature control
  • Clutter-free exterior with just one outdoor unit
  • Future-proof and add more units as your family grows

If you have limited outdoor space and are looking for an alternative to a whole home ducted system, Mitsubishi Electric’s OmniCore Multi Room is a great solution.

An OmniCore system allows you heat or cool multiple rooms with just one outdoor unit. Inside choose from efficient high wall units with colour options, discrete floor consoles, ceiling mounted cassettes and unobtrusive ducted, to best suit each area of your home.

Each unit can be controlled independently, giving you the flexibility to heat or cool specific rooms as needed.

This system also offers the flexibility to install a higher capacity outdoor unit upfront, allowing you to add more units at a later date – perfect for renovation plans or growing families.

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