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Even though heat pumps are more energy-efficient than ever before, New Zealanders continue to pay a large amount of money to power them. So, while we all look forwards to resting on the sofa while watching rugby or Netflix, no one looks forwards to a big power bill at the end of each month. To help you avoid this, we’ve made a list of 4 helpful suggestions to keep you warm while also minimising your heat pump’s operating costs this winter.

Consistency Is The Key

If you set the temperature of your system too high, it will have to work harder and longer to reach the appropriate heat, wasting more energy. Every degree warmer in the winter increases the amount of electricity the heat pump needs by roughly 10%. Changing the temperature from 24°C to 22°C may result in a 20% increase in hourly operating expenditures.

Servicing Your Heat Pump

Cleaning the filter on your split system or ducted unit regularly is essential, but it’s also critical to get your unit serviced regularly to ensure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. An expert may evaluate internal components, gas levels, and a range of other criteria to ensure that your unit is running at top efficiency especially as the seasons change.

Keep An Eye On Your Heat Pumps Filters

If the filter in your split or ducted system is dirty, your unit will work harder to get adequate air in, wasting more energy than it should. Keep your filters clean to ensure that your split system functions as effectively as possible, so do it before the cold weather starts. In your user manual, you can identify the location of your filters and the best way to clean them.

The Space Of Your Room

Reduce the amount of space your heat pump is attempting to heat. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to be comfortable while conserving electricity. The less space your heat pump must heat, the less time it must run and the less energy it consumes. Warm just the sections that are in use, and close any open doors or entrance ways that may allow warm air to escape. This is critical if you’re trying to heat a two-story property downstairs or upstairs.

FAS Energy

We not only design and install home ventilation systems utilising high-quality components at FAS Energy, but we also collaborate with a variety of heat pump manufacturers. Because we are not bound to any one company, we will choose the best option to meet your goals and budget. We install a variety of heat pumps and air conditioners that are tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us right now to set up a no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and get professional advice on the best match for your property.