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Heat Pump Replacement

When do you need to replace your heat pump?

With regular maintenance and servicing, your heat pump is likely to give excellent benefits for an extended amount of time. However, even a well-looked after heat pump of a certain age can run into problems. It could be leaking and producing excess moisture, have a diminished airflow, or blow out hot or cold air inconsistent with temperature settings. If it’s making strange noises or smells and your energy bills have greatly increased in recent times, then it is likely time to replace your heat pumps. Our team can assess the health of your unit and let you know if it’s best to replace or repair it.

Heat pump replacement services

FAS Energy offer heat pump servicing and maintenance where we assess the performance and quality of your heat pumps and provide suggestions for repairs and whether it needs replacement. We will let you know when we think it’s time for a new unit and offer our knowledge about what type to get and whether you need to relocate it for optimal performance. Our team can organise the complete replacement on your behalf.

We will remove the unit and ensure that the cables and pipes work well for the new one that you want to install. Our complete installation service is fast and effective and offers excellent benefits for your home. The FAS Energy team takes care of taking the old unit and performs the replacement in one day to ensure that your home stays warm at all times. We only offer the highest quality products and strive to get you the greatest results.

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If you are having trouble with your heat pumps, get in touch with FAS Energy. We will assess the unit and let you know if it’s time to invest in a new one.

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