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Whole Home Ventilation

Whole Home Ventilation

Whole home ventilation keeps your homes dry and warm while reducing mould and condensation in every room. Because of the New Zealand climate and the lack of insulation in some homes, many can be very damp. This, in turn, can have a significant adverse effect on one’s health, can trigger allergies and cause asthma. Whole home ventilation ensures that you provide a comfortable and healthy home for your family. This filters, circulates and redistributes air around your home and provides an energy-efficient place to live in. FAS Energy can help you ensure that your home is healthy and comfortable!

Types of whole home ventilation

There are two types of whole home ventilation systems: positive pressure and balanced pressure. The first one draws the heated air from your roof cavity, filters it, and distributes it throughout your home via ducts and vents. These are ideal for older homes that breathe naturally and don’t have extensive insulation. The second type of system brings air in from the outside to circulate it around the home while extracting the old air through an exhaust. These systems are better for newer build homes that are more airtight.

Our friendly team can support you in selecting an optimum ventilation system for your home that is sure to give you excellent benefits. We sell, install, and provide advice on various high-performing brands and can find ventilation solutions for any type of home in New Zealand. Our full installation service is done with the highest precision and care, and we provide a 5-year guarantee on all of our products.

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