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Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom Ventilation

Does your bathroom get fogged up while showering? Do you have mouldy spots on your walls? Ventilation is a requirement in all bathrooms according to the Healthy Homes standard. This is no surprise since our bathroom is one of the moistest places in the home. Bathroom ventilation comes in the form of an exhaust fan that removes the moisture from the air through ducts and circulates fresh air from the outside, thereby reducing condensation. It is an absolute necessity to have ventilation in your bathroom for a healthy and comfortable home across New Zealand. Whether you would like to upgrade your current exhaust fan or would like to install one for the first time, we can help!

FAS Energy ventilation

The friendly team from FAS Energy can advise you on the different bathroom ventilation options that are suitable for your space. No matter if you have a small space with just a toilet or a larger bathroom with a shower and bath, we can find a solution that suits your needs and ensures a moisture free and comfortable home. We perform a full ventilation installation for new builds and renovations and can even improve your current system in some cases with a new exhaust fan.

We install only the highest-quality and best brands that are sure to give you outstanding results in future. All our products and labour have a 5-year guarantee, so you know you can trust the FAS Energy team. We provide personalised advice to all of our clients and complete an assessment of the home to ensure you get the best ventilation.

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