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Zone Control Heat Pumps

Ducted zone control

If you are looking for a heat pump solution that you can precisely control and set different temperatures across your home, then a ducted system could be an excellent choice for you. The zone control allows you to change the airflow in different rooms or zones across the home, letting you set the exact temperature you want in each space. Rather than having the same temperature across the house and unnecessary heating or cooling down rooms that you don’t use, you can precisely and simply control the system. This is a massive advantage of a ducted heat pump that many enjoy.

Zone control heat pumps

We have a range of zone control ducted heat pumps available at FAS Energy to give you the power you are looking for. Some products come inbuilt with zone control, so you will receive this benefit immediately when you get your new ducted system. However, other heat pumps require an additional zone controller that gives you this functionality. If you already have a ducted heat pump and are wondering if it is compatible with a zone controller, our team can assess the system and offer a solution. In some cases, we will be able to install this function in your existing system and give you more precise control.

Our team is able to help you set up the zone control system and teach you about using this superior technology every day. This will help you get the most of your heat pump and enjoy the full benefits of a ducted heat pump system.

Air Touch 5

Experience unparalleled control and comfort with the innovative Air Touch 5 controller from FAS Energy. This intuitive device transforms your interaction with your ducted heat pump system, offering advanced functionality and striking aesthetics.

The Air Touch 5’s intelligent zoning allows customised temperature settings for different areas in your home, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. Moreover, it’s equipped with a scheduling feature that ensures a perfectly tempered home awaits your return.

Harnessing the power of technology, the Air Touch 5 lets you operate your system remotely via the Air Touch App. Its user-friendly touch screen interface blends with any interior, and the backlit LED screen ensures easy visibility in all lighting conditions.

Constructed with exceptional build quality, the Air Touch 5 ensures enduring performance and longevity. It’s more than an upgrade from a standard controller; it’s a leap towards the future of home climate control. With the Air Touch 5, you don’t just heat or cool your home, you perfect your environment. Embrace the future of home climate control with the Air Touch 5 controller.

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Air Touch 5

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