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Single Room Ventilation

Single room ventilation

Single room ventilation systems are excellent for apartments and small homes with spacious rooms.  These provide a cost-effective energy recovery to a specific area in your home. As there are both ducted and ductless units available, no matter how small your roof space is, you will be able to enjoy a fresh and comfortable home at all times. Stale air in your home can cause multiple problems, such as mould on the walls and respiratory problems in the future. Getting single room ventilation ensures you have fresh air available and moisture build-up is removed, improving air quality in the process.

FAS Energy ventilation options

We have a wide variety of ventilation systems available at FAS Energy that will provide your single room with excellent benefits. Our professional team performs full installations; whether you are renovating or doing a new build, we can help you find the ideal single room ventilation system. This ventilation option is usually ideal for spaces below 100 m2 and is available in ducted and wall-mounted options. Ducted systems require sufficient ceiling void or roof space to be able to be installed but provide high performing ventilation solutions for residential and small commercial spaces. Wall-mounted options are excellent for rooms without roof space and are very simple to install, ensuring that you get the benefits immediately.

FAS Energy will assess your space and suggest a ventilation option that will work the best for your single room. We provide a 5-year guarantee on all our products and labour, so you can enjoy the benefits from your ventilation for a long time.

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