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Ventilation Service

Ventilation Servicing

Regularly maintaining your ventilation ensures that any issues are caught early on and expensive repairs prevented. We suggest an annual service appointment for your ventilation systems to assess their health and ensure that all parts are working to standard. You might believe your ventilation is working excellently, but our team often comes across parts and features that need replacing or servicing to offer you their full benefit. During the maintenance, we can also optimise any settings on the ventilation and help you get the most of your ventilation, whether it’s in a single room, bathroom, kitchen or your whole home.

Ventilation specialists

Our professional team are experts in all types of ventilation and know a significant amount about a range of brands and styles. We provide an affordable service through our maintenance, which is also likely to save you money in the future by avoiding costly repairs if the unit stops working. We clean the filter in the ventilation for you and perform a full assessment on the unit to ensure everything is in working order. Our team takes a close look at the ducting and the interior and exterior fans and replaces any parts that might not be performing to their full potential.

During the servicing, we give you some handy tips and tricks about using and caring for your ventilation system, so you can enjoy its benefits for a long time coming. We will answer any questions you might have about the brand and will let you know if we believe it’s time for a replacement.

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