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Switchboards & Meter Boards

Switchboards and meter boards are the centres of a property’s electrical system. To ensure that you get electricity in all areas of your home, have safe wiring and don’t damage any of your appliances, switchboards need to be installed by a professional team of electricians. In fact, rewiring fuses and resetting breakers is the only thing that homeowners are legally allowed to do. To ensure that all the wiring within your home is done effectively and with all safety features in place, get a professional electrical team, such as FAS Energy, to install your switchboard.

Switchboard installations and upgrades

Whether you are building a new home or are renovating, switchboard installations and upgrades require a skilled and qualified electrician to perform the wiring. As switchboards are at the centre of a property’s electrical system, it is especially important that they function according to your needs. We only install electric switchboards that come with safety switches to protect your appliances from damage and your property from fire hazards. Our friendly team will ensure that you meet all New Zealand electrical safety standards now and in the future.

If you are having issues with the supply of electricity across your home, such as flickering lights, appliances short-circuiting and your power outlets sparking, then it might be time to upgrade your current switchboard. The FAS Energy team will come and assess your property to determine whether this is the case and upgrade your switchboard for safety and easier functionality.

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