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Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen Ventilation

Ventilation for your kitchen is necessary to remove excess moisture, grease, odour and heat when you are cooking. The steam from cooking can condense on windows and walls and cause mould and other issues in future. And let’s not forget about the uncomfortable smells that some foods can leave after cooking. Kitchen ventilation is absolutely necessary to keep your home free from moisture and create a comfortable space. The Healthy Homes Standard even says that rental homes must have extractor fans in their kitchen to protect the household’s health. Range hoods are the most popular ventilation systems in homes.

Ventilation solutions from FAS Energy

The friendly and professional FAS Energy team can help you select an ideal ventilation system for your kitchen. We perform the full installation and provide advice on how you can keep your home dry and healthy even when you are cooking. There are two major systems that you can select for your kitchen: a ducted one and a recirculating one. A ducted system takes the air from your kitchen and extracts it through the ducts to the outside of the home. This system requires a larger renovation if your home doesn’t already have ducts installed. These are great for people who do large volumes of cooking and have an airtight home.

A recirculating system pulls air in, filters it and recirculates it back into the kitchen. Although this cleans the air from harmful fumes and odours, it doesn’t remove the heat and steam. We can support you in selecting an ideal solution for your room.

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