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Radiator Heating

Central Radiator Heating

Even though radiator heating is not as popular across New Zealand as heat pumps, it is a very efficient and high-performing heating system that works well for all types of homes across the country. This central heating solution distributes the hot water through pipes across the house, which lead to the radiators on the wall in the various room. These are quick to heat up, turn on and off, and the temperature can be controlled simply room by room. The wide variety of styles, sizes and colours to choose from ensures that radiators align with your home’s aesthetic, whatever it may be.

Radiator specialists New Zealand

FAS Energy are experts in hot water heating systems and central radiator heating and are looking forward to installing these high-performing solutions in more homes across New Zealand. Our team also performs regular servicing and repairs on radiators to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the performance of their heating solutions. We assess your home to determine whether it’s suitable for radiator heating and perform all measurements and planning to get you the best heating system we can. Radiators are simple to install, and our expert knowledge ensures that you get the most of their performance at all times.

We suggest servicing the radiator central heating system at least once a year to catch any issues early on and avoid costly repairs. Our 5-year guarantee on all our products and labour further supports the high performance of your radiator systems. Get the most of your central heating system with radiator heating from FAS Energy.

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