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Wi-fi Controlled Heat Pumps

Wi-fi heat pump control

Do you hate getting home to a cold house in the winter and having to wait several minutes until the heat pump warms your rooms up? With Wi-Fi heat pump control, you are able to turn your units on and off from wherever you are, change temperatures, modes and even control the device with voice control. You need a smartphone with an app that lets you control the unit precisely and a Wi-Fi interface, which can even be retrofitted to your existing heat pump. Just with a few simple upgrades, you will never have to return to a cold home again in the winter.

FAS Energy heat pumps

We have a range of heat pumps with Wifi control available at FAS Energy that will give you the optimal control of your house, even when you aren’t at home. We see more and more people selecting this advanced technology to get the most of their heat pumps and be able to control temperatures more easily. The voice control also ensures that your heat pump becomes compatible with the rest of your home if you are using Alexa or Google Home.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing heat pump with Wifi control, we can install an interface and help you with the settings to enjoy all the benefits that come from your heat pump. We can also advise on buying a new heat pump that works especially well with this superior technology. At FAS Energy, we only have the highest quality brands available.

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If you have any questions about this innovative technology, get in touch with FAS Energy. Our team will install any new heat pumps or retrofit your existing one with a Wi-Fi interface to enjoy more control of your units.

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