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Heat Pump Repair

Repairing your heat pump

If your heat pump is not working how it used to, is making strange noises and smells, and the cost of heating and cooling has increased, it might be time to repair the unit. We suggest maintaining and servicing the heat pump at least once a year to avoid any costly repairs and catch any issues early on. However, if there is already a problem present, our knowledgeable professionals will perform the repair and ensure that your heat pump works to its full potential in the future. Save some money on getting a replacement heat pump and enjoy the benefits that your original unit has to offer.

FAS Energy repairs

Our professional electrician team performs repairs on all brands and types of heat pumps. When you call us with an issue, we come and assess the unit and determine the source of the problem. Depending on the issue, we might have to order some new parts for you, which means that the process will take slightly longer than usual. However, in most cases, we can solve the issue in one visit, ensuring that you get the benefits from your heat pump straight away.

We are happy to advise and quote repair costs and offer you some additional tips and tricks on maintaining your unit in the future. Our 5-year warranty promises our clients ongoing support from our team even after the instalment has been completed and reduces the costs that come with repairs. We always strive to optimise the performance of your heat pumps and reduce running costs to offer you even more benefits.

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If your heat pump has stopped working or isn’t performing to the same standard as it used to, get in touch with the FAS Energy team today. We are experts in all brands and types of heat pumps and can save you money with our repairs.

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