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Ecodan Underfloor Heating

Central Heating, Underfloor, Radiator, Swimming or Spa Pools

Combine Hot Water Heating with Whole Home Central Heating

As you have come to expect, Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heat Pumps are advanced systems that can do more than just efficiently heat hot water. The extensive line up also includes total home heating solutions that cover all of your hot water needs as well as super energy efficient room heating – all through the one system.

These total home heating solutions provide room heating using radiators as well as underfloor heating. It’s the ultimate in total home comfort.

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Radiator Heating

Radiator heating elements are the ideal solution for responsive heating that can be mixed and matched to each room. Quick to heat up as well as turn down or off, radiator heating is easy to control and manage room by room. And with a wide variety of style, sizes and colours to choose from it can be as bold or paired back to reflect your interior design aesthetic.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is evenly distributed; radiant heating that provides the ultimate in comfort that you cannot see. Hidden from view, under floor heating is particularly suited to modern open plan homes with higher stud and exposed ceilings.

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