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Floor Console Heat Pumps

Floor console heat pumps

If your wall space is limited and you are looking for a heat pump that will easily fit into your home, then a floor console heat pump will be an excellent solution for you. Unlike high wall heat pumps that are fixed onto your wall, floor units disperse heat at the level that you will feel directly. They can be installed almost anywhere in the room, as cables and pipes can easily run under the floor. We often see these as a replacement for fireplaces, gas heaters and log burners. Even though they aren’t as popular as high wall heat pumps, they provide an excellent cost-effective alternative.

Floor mounted heat pump installation

We come across many people who are unsure about what type, size and capacity of heat pump to choose for their home or office. We suggest homes with high windows, reduced wall space and elderly or disabled people invest in a floor console heat pump, as it will offer them significant benefits. FAS Energy will come to visit your home and provide an on-site quotation and personalised advice about where to place your new heat pump and what you need to take into consideration.

Our variety of products, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, and Fujitsu units, are cost-effective and of high quality to ensure that your home will be comfortable all year around. Whether you need a cooling system for the summer or increased heat in the winter, the floor mounted heat pumps from FAS Energy will be an excellent choice for you.

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