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Heat Pump Relocation

Relocating heat pumps

Renovations and changing the configuration of your rooms often require the relocation of your heat pump. You could be removing the wall that the unit sits on or putting a window where it was previously placed. In some cases, people aren’t satisfied with their performance or would like to relocate the unit to a new property. Relocating your heat pump can save you money and the hassle of installing a completely new indoor and outdoor unit. The friendly FAS Energy team can make the relocation of your heat pump a simple and easy process, supporting your renovation.

The heat pump relocation process

When you decide to relocate the heat pump, you will first need to think about where the unit should be placed. Our team can help you find an ideal space for the unit that aligns with your renovation and design plans and ensures that you will get optimum performance and the greatest benefits from the heat pump. The process starts with removing the refrigerant from the system after we have checked and assessed the operation of your system in the current location. After this, the indoor and outdoor units will be disconnected and made electrically safe. We will ensure that they are stored in a location away from moisture, duct and contaminants.

Our friendly team will work on the pipes and electrical cables that are already in your home to ensure the new system can work to the greatest benefits. After we relocate the heat pump, we will test it to ensure it is electrically safe and functioning well.

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