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As you undertake the exciting adventure of home renovations or changing your room’s configuration, consider the ease of relocating your existing heat pump to another spot or entirely different property, rather than undergoing the time and cost of a full new installation. The expert and courteous FAS Energy team are ready to guide you through the process, offering advice on optimal positioning for best performance, ensuring a safe and effective relocation of your indoor and outdoor units. From removing refrigerants to testing the relocated system, it’s a hassle-free journey to support your home transformation, all with the secure and familiar advantage of your existing heat pump.

Relocate Your Heat Pump with the Friendly FAS Energy Team

Why Relocate Your Heat Pump

You might be considering a relocation of your heat pump due to various reasons such as home renovations, changing room configurations, or if you’re simply not satisfied with its current performance. In other cases, you might be moving into a new property and wish to bring along the heat pump you’ve invested in.

Reasons for relocating a heat pump

Relocations typically occur when you’re doing extensive renovations or remodels that require changing the structure of your home. You could be removing the wall your heat pump is mounted on, or maybe you’re installing a window where it currently resides. Sometimes, you might want better performance from your heat pump, and changing its location could contribute significantly to achieving it.

Benefits of heat pump relocation

Relocating your heat pump helps you save on the cost and hassle of installing completely new indoor and outdoor units. A heat pump positioned in the right place can significantly boost its performance, providing better and more efficient heating and cooling in your home.

Heat pump relocation versus getting a new unit

While getting a new heat pump might give you the latest features, it comes with significant costs. On the other hand, if your current heat pump is still in great shape, relocating it would be a more cost-effective choice. Not only does this save you money, but it also puts your existing unit to better use.

The FAS Energy Team

Consider The FAS Energy Team as your professional companions in executing your heat pump’s relocation. The FAS Energy Team is friendly, experienced, and ready to serve your heat pump relocation needs.

Meet the friendly FAS Energy Team

The FAS Energy team considers every detail of your relocation project right from the start to ensure a successful transfer. Their friendly approach and proactive engagement make the process easy and hassle-free.

Experience and expertise of the FAS Energy Team

With the depth of experience and expertise brought by the FAS Energy Team, they ensure all tasks, from the site assessment to post-relocation testing, are carried out with utmost precision. They are trained to handle every relocation challenge thrown at them.

Why choose the FAS Energy Team for your relocation needs

Choosing the FAS Energy Team means getting your heat pump relocated to your desired location without any problems. They guarantee the optimum performance of your heat pump post-relocation and can even assist you in its continued maintenance and service.

Relocate Your Heat Pump with the Friendly FAS Energy Team

Heat Pump Relocation Process

Relocating a heat pump requires a systematic procedure to make sure every step is completed correctly. The goal is to move your heat pump safely to its new location without compromising its functionality.

Steps for relocating a heat pump

The process starts with our team helping you find the ideal space for the relocated heat pump. Once a location is chosen, the heat pump’s operation in the current location is checked and assessed. Refrigerant is then removed from the system, followed by disconnection of the indoor and outdoor units. The units are then stored safely away from moisture, dust, and contaminants.

Ensuring the safety of the relocation process

At each step of the relocation process, the FAS Energy Team takes all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your property, as well as the heat pump itself. They disconnect and reconnect the units cautiously, making sure it’s done in an electrically-safe manner.

FAS Energy Team’s unique relocation approach

The FAS Energy Team’s relocation approach centers around protecting your heat pump and ensuring it functions optimally at its new location. They stand out for their diligent work on the pipes and electrical cables and their thorough post-relocation testing.

Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Heat Pump

When relocating your heat pump, it’s vital to choose an ideal location that not only fits your design plan but also ensures that you receive optimum performance from the pump.

How to choose an ideal location for a heat pump

Choosing an ideal location depends on multiple factors, including exposure to sunlight, distance from the ground, and the location of your ductwork. The FAS Energy Team can help guide you in identifying a location that aligns with these factors.

The role of the FAS Energy Team in helping select a location

The FAS Energy Team takes into consideration your renovation plans and the technicalities of heat pump placement to help you identify a suitable location. They analyze the specific requirements for your pump and make certain the chosen location will enhance the pump’s performance.

Benefits of a well-located heat pump

A well-located heat pump is easier to access for maintenance, operates more efficiently, and usually has an extended lifespan. Better heat distribution, lower energy bills, and improved air quality are just a few of the benefits of a well-located pump.

Relocate Your Heat Pump with the Friendly FAS Energy Team

Assessing the Operation of Your Current System

Before relocating your heat pump, its operation in the current location is checked and assessed. This pre-relocation assessment forms the baseline for comparison with the pump’s performance after the relocation.

The importance of checking and assessing the current system

Checking the present system ensures the heat pump’s current performance is documented before the move. This helps in identifying whether the relocation has improved its performance or if there are further changes required.

What the FAS Energy team looks for in the assessment

The FAS Energy team confirms whether the refrigerant level is optimal, the airflow good, and the evaporator coils clean. They also consider the state of the electric controls, sensors, filters, and heat exchangers. This thorough check helps them understand the various elements that determine the system’s performance.

How the assessment influences the relocation process

The assessment might show a need for some repairs or adjustments that can be addressed during the relocation. It gives a clear picture of the relocation, which assists the team in planning and execution, ensuring the safety and success of the relocation.

Removing the Refrigerant and Units

The removal of refrigerant and safe disconnection of the indoor and outdoor units is another crucial part of the heat pump relocation process.

The process of removing the refrigerant

The FAS Energy Team follows a systematic procedure to carefully drain the refrigerant from your heat pump. They catch and recycle the coolant to protect our environment and avoid any trace of refrigerant being released into your home.

How the indoor and outdoor units are safely disconnected

Once the refrigerant is removed, the FAS Energy team proceeds to disconnect the indoor and outdoor units. They ensure that this is done in a way that doesn’t damage your home or the heat pump units themselves.

Steps taken to protect the units during storage

After disconnection, the indoor and outdoor units are stored safely away from moisture, dust, and other-threatening contaminants. They are kept secured to prevent any accidental damage during the relocation process.

Relocate Your Heat Pump with the Friendly FAS Energy Team

Relocation of Electrical Cables and Pipes

Relocating the heat pump to a new location often means moving the pipes and electrical cables. This can be a tricky task that requires the expertise of the FAS Energy Team.

Why relocation of pipes and electrical cables is necessary

Relocating the heating system requires extension or rerouting of the pipes and electrical cables to connect the heat pump to the new area. So, it’s imperative to relocate these components as part of the heat pump’s relocation.

The FAS Energy Team’s approach to handling cables and pipes

The FAS Energy Team efficiently handles the process of relocating pipes and electrical cables. They ensure the extensions and rerouting are done meticulously to prevent any interference in the optimal functioning of the heat pump.

Ensuring optimal functioning after relocation of these components

Once the pipes and cables have been relocated, the FAS Energy Team reviews the setup to confirm that everything has been properly installed. This includes checking that there is no strain or stress on any of the components and that there is a safe and efficient connection between all parts.

Post-Relocation Testing

After the heat pump, pipes, and cables have been relocated, the FAS Energy Team performs a detailed testing procedure to ensure everything is functioning well.

The importance of post-relocation testing

Post-relocation testing helps to identify if there are any connection issues or performance drops once the heat pump has been moved. It is vital to ensuring that your relocated heat pump is safe and functional.

What the FAS Energy team checks during this testing

During this testing, the team ensures that all electrical connections are safe and confirms that the indoor and outdoor units are correctly communicating. They’ll also verify that the refrigerant level is correct and that the air flow throughout your home is optimal.

How this step ensures safety and functionality

This step provides a safety check to confirm that all components of the heat pump, right from electrical connections to the airflow, are running smoothly. It also proves that the unit is functioning well after relocation, thereby confirming its future efficiency and longevity.

Relocate Your Heat Pump with the Friendly FAS Energy Team

Contacting FAS Energy for Heat Pump Relocation

If you’re considering a heat pump relocation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the FAS Energy Team.

How to get in touch with the FAS Energy Team

You can reach FAS Energy by phone or email to discuss your heat pump relocation needs. They are ready to clarify any questions you may have and set up a convenient time to help you with your relocation.

What to expect when you reach out for relocation services

Once you get in touch with the FAS Energy Team, you will receive prompt and professional service. They will seek to understand your relocation needs clearly before embarking on the project. They ensure your peace of mind with their step-by-step execution guide for the whole relocation process.

Clarifying your relocation needs with FAS Energy

Clear communication is essential to a successful heat pump relocation. Ensuring that the FAS Energy Team understands your exact needs helps to ensure that you will be satisfied with the final results. So, it’s always helpful to discuss your expectations and requirements before the relocation process begins.

Maintaining Your Relocated Heat Pump

After your heat pump is successfully relocated, it’s important to continue with regular maintenance to keep your unit operating efficiently.

Tips for maintaining a relocated heat pump

Regular cleaning, prompt repairs, and routine checks are an integral part of maintaining a heat pump. Make sure the outdoor unit is free from debris and the filters are regularly cleaned or replaced.

How FAS Energy can assist with continued maintenance and service

The FAS Energy Team doesn’t just stop at relocating your heat pump. They can provide continued maintenance and service, ensuring your relocated heat pump operates efficiently for the long term. Their maintenance service covers comprehensive checks and cleaning, from coil cleaning to filter changes.

Maximizing the lifespan and performance of your relocated unit

Regular maintenance can add years to your heat pump, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and ensure consistent efficiency. With the FAS Energy team’s maintenance service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your heat pump will provide reliable, efficient heating and cooling for years to come.

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