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A heat pump is a wise addition to any new build due to its energy efficiency, ability to provide both heating and cooling, and overall comfort.

Among the many heat pump options available, ducted systems stand out as a particularly beneficial choice, especially when integrated into the design of a new build. At FAS Energy, we specialise in providing innovative and efficient heating solutions, with a focus on ducted heat pump systems.

Understanding Ducted Heat Pump Systems

Unlike wall-mounted units that heat one room, ducted heat pumps distribute warm or cool air via ducting installed in the ceiling or under the floor, offering whole-home comfort. An outdoor unit connects to an indoor unit, which is connected to a network of ducts leading to various rooms in the home.

Why Choose a Ducted System for Your New Build?

  1. Whole Home Comfort: Ducted systems can heat or cool your entire home, providing a uniform temperature across all rooms.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: As the ducting is hidden, ducted systems offer a more streamlined, minimalist aesthetic compared to other types of heat pumps.
  3. Efficiency: Ducted heat pumps are known for their energy efficiency, particularly when heating or cooling large areas or entire homes.
  4. Flexibility: Ducted systems can be zoned, allowing different areas of the home to be heated or cooled to varying degrees.
  5. Noise: With the indoor unit typically installed in the ceiling or underfloor, ducted systems are often quieter than their high-wall counterparts.

Integrating a ducted heat pump system during the construction of a new build is relatively straightforward and can be designed to best suit the layout of your home. It provides the chance to optimise the system’s efficiency, ensuring it meets your unique heating and cooling requirements.

FAS Energy are experts in ducted heat pump system design and installation. We work closely with you and your building team to create a bespoke heating solution that aligns with your new home’s design and your lifestyle.

As the construction of your new home progresses, so too will the installation of your heat pump system, seamlessly integrating with the building process.

If you’re planning a new build and are exploring heating and cooling options, consider the comprehensive comfort and aesthetic appeal of a ducted heat pump system. Contact the team at FAS Energy today to discuss how we can design the perfect heat pump solution for your new home.